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Syria. A wonderful place for an accident

City of Ferraris and tanks, playboys and Jihadists. A town where half-naked dancers twist around the pole in smoky clubs, while only glass window seperates them from an Arab women wrapped in a black niqab. Beirut. City of the arms dealers, spies, terrorists, Russian mobsters, gamblers. City of poets. Amazing Beirut, chained by snow smells like cedar, as once ...

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Masai 00

Safari for $

Tanzania has over 130 different tribes. Among the most dominant are the Masai, a nomad people, that nowadays move with their herds of cattle for grazing. Even the word - safari, the Maasai language, means to travel. The only treasure that they know and own are - cows. Masai alongside with their herds are still carrying the last breath of Africa,which is slowly disappearing. They have surpassed the hard times, but the biggest challenges are ahead of them. photos by Zoran Marinovic Maasai are a proud and free African nation that has undergone many hard ...

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Galta (1)

Galta Gang

Galta Gang is a very successful troop of rhesus macaques that live in the Galta Temple within the city of Jaipur, northwestern India. Led by alpha male Tarak and his mate Rani, the troop prizes and defends their precious temple home. It’s a privileged lifestyle, dining on food items handed over by worshipers visiting the temple as an offering ...

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