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Photo exhibition ‘Moment of Silence’

The National Geographic Magazine and the Lauba Gallery on the Day of the Planet Earth opened a Photo exhibition with symbolic name 'Moment of Silence' – for the Planet Earth, by well-known documentary photographer and cameraman Zoran Marinovic. The aim of this National Geographic exhibtion and author himself, along sponsors: Dubrovnik TB, Span and FujiFILM, is to sensibilize the ...

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Minute of silence / NP Krka

On Wednesday, 7 June 2017, the Public Institute of Krka National park will present the exhibit “A minute of silence” by Zoran Marinović at the Matija Gallery in Šibenik. The exhibit is part of the celebration of World Environment Day. This exhibit of photographs, symbolically named “A minute of silence”, was prepared by world renowned documentary photographer and cameraman, ...

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FujiFILM / ‘Something Special’

As part of Zagreb's design week in Lauba Gallery a special presentation has been held where Fujifilm GFX, a mid-format camera, was introduced. Event was coordinated by Fran Ridjan, whilst photographic equipment was presented by Mare Milin, eminent fashion and portrait photographer and Zoran Marinović, a photojournalist, a permanent associate of many world magazines and Fujifilm Ambassador. Take a ...

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The Fuji GFX,  medium format, made to capture your passion. A spirit of the past, a time where was respect for space. An idea and a plan, concept and composition. Light was measured. Even the word ”art” was used in a time before memory cards and unlimited tries and fails. Art is a persistant test of toughness. But GFX ...

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