Under dark oil clouds

status / unpublished date / 23.11.2016. A month into their battle with Iraqi forces for control of the city of Mosul, the jihadists are leaving behind not just physical devastation but environmental damage from a cocktail of toxic pollutants. Oil wells around the Iraqi town of Qayyara are still burning, weeks after they were torched by Islamic State militants ...

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NatGeo_MinSut (18)

Photo exhibition ‘Moment of Silence’

The National Geographic Magazine and the Lauba Gallery on the Day of the Planet Earth opened a Photo exhibition with symbolic name 'Moment of Silence' – for the Planet Earth, by well-known documentary photographer and cameraman Zoran Marinovic. The aim of this National Geographic exhibtion and author himself, along sponsors: Dubrovnik TB, Span and FujiFILM, is to sensibilize the ...

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