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Africa / Expecting Miracle

Constant wars and brutal robbery, last years, have taken over millions of lives in Africa. Generations of children were born, grow up and dies, surrounded by violence and poverty. And while hundreds of humanitarian organizations and associations of the ‘civilized’ world are trying to pull out the Africa from its nightmare, life of its people is getting harder and harder. But ...

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Photo Exhibition ‘Tombstones’

  Exhibition of photographs of Thombstones in the Western Balkans by Zoran Marinovic / 06. - October 9, 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. The project is supported by the Regional Development Agency DUNEA. One of the forms of the presentation of tombstones within the project HER.CUL was international photo exhibition of tombstones whose primary goal is to integrate current knowledge ...

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HRT / Peace and good

  Photographer Zoran Marinovic has launched a campaign for purchasing sewing machines for the Home Economics school run by the Franciscan Nuns in Bukava, in the Congo.  There are no children in this school, rather, adult, illiterate women, women from the “dark heart” of Africa, victims of the wars in the Congo, which have taken a million lives already. ...

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