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Nuclear fly

More than 20 million sterilized male fruit flies are being released this week in the Neretva Valley of southern Croatia – an important milestone in an environmentally friendly project to help the region’s fruit producers. for United Nations / photos by Zoran Marinovic In Croatia, the Sterile Insect Technique has already borne fruit – literally and figuratively: benefits to ...

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SYRIA / ISIS takes only the heads

NATO bombs. Russia aids Bashar. Hezbollah. Pilotless aircrafts. Drones. Attacks on the Kurd are made possible by the Turks. Qatar finances the rebels. Iran’s Shiite army is fighting against ISIS, which is being supported by Saudi Arabia. The Al Nusra front expects help from Israel. Brigades Hamas and Fataha had a conflict in Damask. ISIS attacked the Free Syrian ...

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Qatar 00


Iqbal and Subha are typical Qatari teenagers. I ran into them in a narrow street in the part called the Old Doha, although it was built in this century. In this hot piece of desert, the past is not important, unimaginable things happen here, and almost all are oriented exclusively towards the future. The future is here at hand, ...

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Virunga Gorile (00)

King Kong in Mist

A warm African night. Dark. Wild. The superheated crater of lava colored the low clouds purple. Upon us is the entrance to the oldest national park in Africa. Virunga. Congo. It consists of eight volcanoes and is under UNESCO protection as a world heritage site. Six volcanoes are dormant, while the other two might see new eruptions. Nyamulagira is ...

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