Secrets of Muay Thai 2

Secrets of Muay Thai

  What can possibly connect the street sluggers from Cyprus, a couple of young scientists from London, tourists from Croatia  and Asian toddlers? Otherwise nothing  of course, but in Thailand thanx to Muay Thai, the Thai boxing it is possible.  Take a look how this strange combination with martial art appear in its origin – in Bangkok. for Nova ...

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Kumari / Living Godesses

  Nepalese Hindus and Buddhists, members of the local Newari community in the Kathmandu valley, for centuries have cherished tradition of naming female children – living gods. The most important of these goddeses is the Royal Kumari, or Kumari Devi. We talk to a four-year old girl “your goddess, are you well today?” And we kiss her feet. In ...

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Himalayas 1

Himalayas / Down

  The new episode of our travelogue series in Asia, brings the story about Namche, wealthy city where the first road to reach it is far 3 days by foot, about the American yogi who feels betrayed, the Iranians and Israelis who love each other, and about global warming which coud bring a day to Himalayas without a snow. ...

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Voodoo? Santeria!

  “Santeria is part of every life here, each step or each doctor’s breath, each politician, thief or pimp is part of Santeria. Integrated in the traditional system of belief in the Western world is also emotion, mystique of this and that life. This is the religion of trance, mystery, possessiveness, blood and sex. Ancient Gods acknowledge it all.” ...

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