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Bad job in Paraguay

Novakovic and Tobler, after three years spent in the Paraguayan prisons today, on November 15th have received final court verdict and have been sentenced each to 18 years in prison. Dealers from Osijek and or ‘mules’ in fear for his family have never revealed who sent them on trafficking and bought their tickets. They will serve their sentence in ...

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Summer in Siam / LOVE

  Men during the day, women at night. With or without. Or always only-ladyboy. Many stories about the appearance of Thai transvestites, fatal judgments, still tickle the imagination. In this photo essay, first from a series of Summer in Siam, you can find a cabaret, a lot of makeup, a couple of bars, little bit of prostitution, sevral dawns, and a bit of sadness. On question why sowe got the timeless answer – how can you cherish  the Gods if you do not know how to cherish the Love? by Zoran Marinovic

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