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That’s all Africa / Miro Babic

  Miro Babic, the youngest Croatian missionary, besides the monastery in Subukia has organized medical center, orphanage ‘Small home’, and also helps to restore schools and share the food whenever the year is dry. ’Yet the quality of life compared with the quality of lifein Europe is on our side’ - says Miro. ’We don’t have to rush and don’t have a stressful situations. We say that Europeans have watches, yet we have time. We have time for one another, we have time to play, and time for a prayer. Our man is happy, grateful and satisfied with all that he has’. authors / Zoran Marinovic and Kresimir ...

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Algo’s Story

  Sitting by the tribal fire, we listened to the romantic story of our guide Algo, who was dreaming of his marriage and  settling down with a woman with whom he would take care of family and his flock. However, to marry the woman he must provide six goats and 50 kilograms of honey: But he was poor. So, ...

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  Statement without any statement, stories without any stories. With only one question: Does everything which is said in front of the camera must be smart, meaningful, and meant for someone? The answer is irrelevant! We publish a series of “Nothing about … nothing? ‘slap / DR Congo / author; Zoran Marinović https://vimeo.com/105587434

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