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Topic / Photographer. A spectator! Or else?

Sunday, January 25th / Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo

12.00h – Zoran Marinovic / lecture / topic; Photographer. A spectator! Or else?

Photo is notorious as the most realistic, and therefore the easiest branch of art that merely mimics reality- more or less unsuccessfully. But it is also a powerful weapon. People believe in photograph, though often it lies. At it best, an image is only a half-truth. There are a lot of questions on which photos do not provide answers.

Because of photos, many fired the deadly shot, photos were starting the wars, stopping the offensive. It has witnessed the glorious defeats and barren victories, the bad guys turning into heroes, destroyed hundreds and saved thousands of lives, and it was only about that one shutter release.

And finally there is very simple question that has no answer; Is the moment when we press the trigger, the end of our story?

Was the photo only a trophy?

Or else?


Photography is not just the result of a meeting between the event and the photographer , but capturing images in itself is an event , and the one with all namjetljivijim rights – the interference , occupation or ignoring anything that is actually happening .

While real people around the world are killing themselves or other real people , the photographer stays behind the lens , creating a tiny element of another world . Paul Hansen 2011th awarded to the Swedish ” Swedish Picture of the Year ” contest . In the photo we see Fabienne , a young Haitian who at only 14 years old, with a bullet in his head , was killed because he stole two plastic chairs.


And then appeared a different story . Nathan Weber published a photograph which appears similar to the frame , but from the perspective of where the girl was surrounded by photographers . At the time of the death of the unfortunate girls were 14 photographers. There was an explosion of controversy and criticism.


Photograph people in itself means to desecrate them , show them for what they themselves never see , having knowledge of them that they themselves could never have , nor does it confirm , change , can not complain , protest , prosjedovati . It is suitable for medium to sad , frightened time .

Photos show the shock only if something new . Unfortunately, so does the stake , complete manipulation of the moment , ruthless trade misfortunes .

War photographers have always been adored and hated the paparazzi .

The question remains ; Where is the limit ? Why is this so?

And … can you answer ?

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