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Croatian reporter Zoran Marinovic visited the front line in Sinjar. In a totally destroyed city, where hardly any wall still remains, let alone houses, Iraqi Kurds defend their positions. On the other side they are fighting against fighters of the Islamic state. ‘Front line is held by Peshmergas and 200 meters away there is a position of ISIL who withdrawn from Sinjar 15 days ago. American planes fly over this area all the time, and yesterday they repeatedly bombed it.

ISIS on the other side burn the oil so the smoke could cover the activities and block the view of bombers. Quite peculiar is the cooperation between the American intelligence that monitor and control flights from the hill with Workers’ Party and the Peshmergas that perform all the activities on the ground, “says Zoran Marinovic.

On the ground , both men and women are fighting. About 7,500 Kurdish fighters who were also joined by the Yazidi, members of religious minorities, have started liberation of Sinjar. This town, now uninhabited, has strategic and symbolic importance.

“Today we can say that the battle for Sinjar is over. Kurdish fighters, Peshmergas and the PKK, were able to cut strategically very important route 46, which connects the two largest ISIL’s strongholds, Raku in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. So at this point, on the main square, the caliphate is divided into two parts. Fear still lingers among completely destroyed the city that it could fall again into the hands of jihadists, but all attempts, attack or grouping are ended by the strikes of the coalition forces, “says Marinovic.

In order to protect from the air bombing, jihadists are hiding in tunnels in Sinjar. Tunnels are streched for hundreds of meters and llead from house to house. That also shows how serious and hard was an action for liberation of Sinjar.