DemRepOfMud (6)

Democratic Republic of Mud

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a bloody rich country, and its wealth, and curse, lie in sludge. Sludge full of gold, silver, diamonds, coltan … and other minerals. The desperate fight for natural resources and land has taken on incredibly cruel proportions. Violence and poverty walk hand in hand, enticing distress and greed and incredible violence over the innocent. Impoverished people, in mud holes of South and North Kiwu, have no choice but to live with disaster.

More than 5,5 million people were killed in conflicts which do not seem to have an end. The situation will remain the same, as there is no reason to break the vow of silence as long as the corporations of the western world exploit gold, coltan, diamonds and other minerals from Congo.

While the whole world mournes over the innocent victims of Iraq, Syria, Jemen, Lybia, Gaza, Ukraine in the same time DR Congo, where the annual number of victims is higher than in all other conflicts together, almost no one even knows where it is located. And while there is enough of coltan, which our cell phones are made of… do we need to know?