How Haile stole our New Year ?

‘ I suppose Mr. Vidak … Mr. Jovic ? ‘ I turn to the two white men , on a dusty street in Arba Minch, somewhere in the middle of Ethiopia. Just as the Morton Stanely addressed the famous explorer Dr. Livingston , after years of searching the outskirts of Africa .

With one important detail , these gentlemen and adventurers , they started to explore the southern tribes of the Omo River just a few days earlier . But since they had to start somewhere , such as the story itself , one dusty street in the midst of Arba Minch makes a great place , and December 31st makes a great date for it.


text / Zoran Marinovic

Symbolically, it was the last moment to find them this year, because in the next two weeks they are planning to ‘explore‘ tribes Mursi, Hamar, Afar, Dassanech, Karo, within + – 1000 km .

Very ambitious. Livinstone style.

It is interesting how people around the world welcome the New Year, celebrate a new beginning , whether on the beach on Perth or on the slopes of Garmisch . We were caught in the homeland of biblical Queen Theba , Holy Grail hidden land and homeland of King of all kings, the one and only Haile Selassie . Father of Rastafarians . Lion . The lion of all lions . The contry of everything so special  and so is New Year’s Eve .