Look Up

Today wasn’t supposed to be like this. We’ve named the 20th century a century of war and hoped that the cities of the 21st, today, will be made of glass and steel buildings, surrounded by peace, greenery and blue skies. We dreamt of bright cities rising to the heavens.

jucer I   I sutra (12)

text and photos, by Zoran Marinovic

Today the modern world squats in dust and dirt, surrounded by waste and poison. Almost a half of the planet’s homes are built of recycled plastic, wooden waste and cement blocks.

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Billions of people inhabit urban quarters whose muddy walls do not differ from shacks in Anatolia built 900 years ago. A large portion of the world is today a stage where humanity has failed in the face of violence, persecution and the exploitation of the poorest and weakest. There isn’t an excerpt from stories of Victorian era calamity, poverty and exploitation, written about by Zola and Gorki, that doesn’t exist today, somewhere.

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Today over 750 million people in the world has no access to drinkable water.

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Today over 100 million children are out of school.

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For the first time after the Second World War, in 2014 the number of forcibly displaced persons, today, has reached 51.2 million people.

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In the past four years in Syria over 7 million people have been displaced and TODAY there are 3.8 million refugees from Syria living in neighboring countries.

In their attempt to reach Europe by sea, over 3.200 people lost their lives in 2014, the highest number on record.

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We call them asylum seekers, refugees, migrants. They knocked on our door. But, have we ever wondered where they came from and why?

Incessant wars, exploitation and disease have taken a great number of lives in Africa and the Middle East over the past years. Millions were left homeless. Things that today, in the 21st century, should not exist.

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Generations of children are born, grow and die surrounded by violence and poverty. Hidden in trucks, trains, floating on seas, crossing deserts or ice covered mountains, they risk their lives so they can survive today.

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They come from different lands with different experiences. Until yesterday they had their lives.TODAYthey seek a better tomorrow, peace and life after all those failed dreams.