WestMosul (3)

West Mosul

The fight for Mosul is no longer a fight for life or death. It is only a battle for death. The around two thousand remaining foreign fighters in encirclement have decided not to surrender or negotiate a ceasefire. Trapped are also civilians trying to cross into East Mosul. Iraqi ISIS members often use refugee lines to save themselves. After ...

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Ukrajina_ZoranMarinovic A

Vecernji List / Ukraine. The War that Never Ceased

The unavoidable night conversation, in the slow train Kiev – Kramatorsk, from one end of Ukraine to another, from the ‘European’ one to the renegade, ‘Russian’ one, confirmed in fact all the intricacies of a war. A shadowed war, which became boring, but never ceased. Written and photographed by Zoran Marinović A small cabin with four cots, arranged so ...

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Minute of silence / NP Krka

On Wednesday, 7 June 2017, the Public Institute of Krka National park will present the exhibit “A minute of silence” by Zoran Marinović at the Matija Gallery in Šibenik. The exhibit is part of the celebration of World Environment Day. This exhibit of photographs, symbolically named “A minute of silence”, was prepared by world renowned documentary photographer and cameraman, ...

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