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FujiFILM / X photographer

Dear Zoran Marinovic, with great pleasure and honour, Fuji Film has selected you to be Fuji Film Ambassador and part of our photographers world and X community. Fuji honours talented and influential professionals working in the all areas of photography today. Our brand ambassadors are talented visual masters who push the boundaries of the average, and their passion for ...

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green montenegro

Green Montenegro Film Festival

The award ceremony marked the end of the second edition of "Green Montenegro International Film Fest", during which people could see more than 70 movies from 40 countries, with topics ranging from on ecology, environmental protection and tourism. Croatian photographer and cameraman Zoran Marinovic,  was awarded at the Festival for his video reportages about indigenous Brazilian Indians and cruel ...

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YourFaceSounds (00)

Your face sounds

All they wish for is a moment of carelessness. So we tried providing it. This is not another story about the cancer. This is the story of life! For all it's worth, and every valuable moment. In order to distance themselves from the harsh everyday struggle, at least for a moment, we hired professional make-up artists and hairdressers from ...

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