Portraits of present

Numerous guests who were were mostly dressed in black, filled the Zagreb Art Pavilion at the opening of the exhibition of sculptures, drawings and lithographs by Alberto Giacometti. Requiem atmosphere was enhanced by the video-installations of Zoran Marinovic which displayed the current war zones in Asia and Africa. The exhibition was opened by Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, while Minister ...

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Pantanal / Cowboys

Outside fat Mourice’s hut, dusk hides all the sinister sounds a huge swamp can frighten strangers with, unaccustomed to such infinite forest and water. Beats, buzzings, growlings, howlings. It’s humid and heavy. Anxious. Mourice cooks coffee and bakes bread, the warm and pleasant smell comforts us that it all might end well. After a rain shower nearby, without lifting ...

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nacional 1


PRESS CLIPPING / September 2016 * News / Nova Tv / theme; photos from Aleppo who bring public focus on situation in Syria * Magazine National / Interview * Art Pavilion, Zagreb / Exhibition Giacometti, video installation in space by Zoran Marinovic * France TV, Channel3 / Interview * European Forum / theme; Refugees, reality and challenges * PRESS ...

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