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Why is western world silent about DR Congo?

DR Congo represents largest humanitarian and moral, human disaster after 2 World War. More than 5 million people were killed in conflicts which do not seem to have an end. The situation will remain the same, as there is no reason to break the vow of silence as long as the corporations of the western world exploit gold, coltan, diamonds and other minerals from Congo.

While the whole world mournes over the innocent victims of Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, in the same time DR Congo, where the annual number of victims is higher than in all other conflicts together, almost no one even knows where it is located. And while there is enough of coltan, which our cell phones are made of… do we need to know?

In May, I started the photo project about this issue the world is silent about. I asked my friends who were in DR Congo, as silent witnesses, to write down one sentence about this country.

photos by Zoran Marinovic

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Miro Ascic / In Congo everything possible went wrong.

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Leonka Bosniak / Congo, a country, receiving God’s love, beauty and wealth, seducer of rich people, presidents, businessmen, traders who take away the innocence of her children, men and women, who had sacked Gold, Coltan, diamonds, crucify it, kill it, pollute all in order to receive tiny bit of God’s love, goodness and joy in their empty hearts. If they had hearts, they would have been the Congo, their brothers and sisters.

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Nikola Babic/ Beautiful mess full of life and me.

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Hrvoje Ivancic / People here are scared of flies, more than they are afraid of the lions. Though, they fear more of men than the lions and flies – together.

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Krešo Raguz / Machete or a pencil, a machete, Threat or a smile, a threat, Evil or good, an evil, Deception or honesty, a deception, Today or tomorrow, never. If ever a man with a rifle says a volcano will become active, if too much rain falls … you will hear only the drum which silences the screams of the jungle, of people and animals united in their own insignificance.

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Nikolina Radic Ancic / Green and lush tropical bush has been replaced with hummocky “road”, wrapped by clouds of orange dust which swallowed up minibuses and trucks full of crammed people, and then it swallowed our defender and crowled deep into our nostrils.

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Sasa Ričković / It’s hard to describe the fullness of experience in Congo, but when I close my eyes, I see a hungry child who is sitting on a lump of gold.

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Goran Jaman / Congo has many posibilities like no other country and is a country of many opportunites, however those are missed opportunities, and a place where every advantage becomes disadvantage.

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Dario Baricevic / Every time I find it hard, I think of the Congo, and all the difficulties become simpler and more beautiful

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Sebastian Markovic / Congo, Zaire, wonderland, full of rich and poor people, who, in pursuit of happiness, so often forget their own dignity and are easily misleaded by false promises. Land of enslavers, whose greed is beyond imaginable and inexhaustible, the darling Congo of mine!

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While thousands of international humanitarian organizations, private foundations, independent observers and various NGO’s of the Western and ‘more civilized’ world are trying to pull out DR Congo from a nightmare, life in this ‘damn rich’ country is getting worse and worse. Generations of children are born, grow and die in war, poverty and misery. I wonder whether it will ever change? And while the world incontinately exploits Congolese natural resources such as gold, diamonds, coltan, cobalt, can we just stop for a moment and ask ourselves how much hard it is to be a child in the Congo? They are the most innocent and vulnerable casulties in this violent environmnet.