Frame Photos (6)

Frame photos

Part of our offer are new and original photographs with frames. Motives and sizes can be different. We can print the photos on all kind of media: all kinds of different weights of paper (plain, satin, glossy) and different widths (max. 2.5 m different films (Covered Foil Print, city light sheet), and fabric and canvas.

After printing photos can be laminated. Frames can be made of classic wood, plastic or aluminum. Large format photographs are tailor made for decorative interior of all kinds, such as private and commercial premises, hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. Photos on request we supply either in roll or framed.

Price depends on size and frame formats.

Standard / print 55 cm x 30 cm / paper 270g / parspatu + frame, 66 cm x 42 cm / price =  100 euro