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Humanitarian Cause / Singer for a better tomorrow


How much is eighty dollars?

For most of us, in the EU or US, it is more or less, a dinner for two or a new pair of shoes. Average, regular people like us spend eighty dollars on a cell phone, a Saturday night out , a dinner in some restaurant, or shopping sale items, basically on nothing that special.  And after spending our money – we go content to our comfortable and secure homes.  Nobody spends anytime regretting what they spent those eighty dollars on – or 400 HRK.  We can survive the spending that we did on these little pleasures.

The plane, however,  is full of paradox. It is. For girls in the Congo – eighty dollars can save their life.

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Their entire future lies in a sewing machine, the kind of sewing machine even most of our mothers have forgotten.  Perhaps left them somewhere in our basements.  These machines have gone by the wayside thanks to the appearance of cheap clothing stores all around us.  Who would strain their eyes over a sewing machine – when you can  just go see what’s on sale?

So, while your sewing machine is forgotten somewhere under a pile of dust, it means the world and livelihood to some women and girls – those who have never known a nice dinner out or what it means to have a safe and warm home.

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That is why sisters Romana Blazevic, Blazenka Barun and Erika Dodic exist.

Photoreporter Zoran Marinovic has launched a campaign for purchasing sewing machines for the Home Economics school run by the Franciscan Nuns in Bukava, in the Congo.  There are no children in this school, rather, adult, illiterate women, women from the “dark heart” of Africa, victims of the wars in the Congo, which have taken a million lives already.

Women who dream of a better future, which, once they finish their classes, once they learn to read and write and sew, will be able to begin a new life and their futures will look better.

And for this, they need sewing machines. A Singer sewing machine costs $80.00. They also need just one free night a week.

Do you think we don’t need to think about the Congo? Why should we try to save the life of somebody on the other side of the planet? Well, we have a question for you – do you have a cell phone, ipod or laptop?  If the answer is yes, then you have some kind of mineral in your gadget that was extracted from the Congo.  If the answer is yes – then you should also know that you have purchased at least one bullet for one of the rebel Congo generals.

You are very closely tied to the victims of the war at the Bukava School for Home Economics, which has been run by Croatian nuns for 40 years.

If you can sacrifice just one dinner out, we kindly ask you give your donations to the following:

PBZ / ŠKOLSKE SESTRE FRANJEVKE / Lovretska 9 / Split HR 5223400091110114629 / SWIFT CODE (BIC):PBZGHR2X

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