Postcards from hell

  A long dark corridor.. Smell of burnt oil, urine, smoke, staleness that smelled like death. The army, police, weapons, one crucifix and a single verse, guarded the entrance to the Central Prison of Congo. We were welcomed by general Dioub, head of prisoners and even more than that, one of the commanders of the Interahamwe, the notorious Hutu ...

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gorillas (00)

Gorillas in mist

Virunga National Park is one of the last sanctuaries of the mountain gorilla. However, due to illegal lumbering and poaching due to the arrival of refugees during the civil war in DR Congo, the park was enlisted in one of the endangered World Heritage Sites. Over the last ten years more than 120 gamewardens were killed while trying to ...

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40 god Kongo (9)

Verified / 40 years in Congo

  Nova Tv / emission Verified The writer Joseph Conrad once named Congo ‘heart of darkness’. Unfortunately, this phrase still best describes this part of Africa. It’s a damn rich country – full of gold, diamonds, timber, which hasn’t brought any good to its people. Wars and ruthless exploitation in the past 15 years have taken about 5 million lives in ...

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expecting miracle 00

Expecting Miracle

Constant wars and brutal robbery have taken over 6 million lives in the last 15 years in DR Congo. Generations of children were born, grow up and dies, surrounded by violence and poverty. And while hundreds of humanitarian organizations and associations of the ‘civilized’ world are trying to pull out the Congo from its nightmare, life of its people is getting ...

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