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HRT / Peace and good

  Photographer Zoran Marinovic has launched a campaign for purchasing sewing machines for the Home Economics school run by the Franciscan Nuns in Bukava, in the Congo.  There are no children in this school, rather, adult, illiterate women, women from the “dark heart” of Africa, victims of the wars in the Congo, which have taken a million lives already. ...

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  Statement without any statement, stories without any stories. With only one question: Does everything which is said in front of the camera must be smart, meaningful, and meant for someone? The answer is irrelevant! We publish a series of “Nothing about … nothing? ‘slap / DR Congo / author; Zoran Marinović

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Video Blog / Only one song

It is horrifying, how Africa can be harsh and compassionate at the same time! While the north province celebrated overthrowing thedictatorship the south province witnessed the prison filling in with the soldiers of defeated general. N front of the crowded prison young nen were dropped off the trucks and crammed into a medical stationery. Then they were told to ...

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