Summer in Siam / LOVE

  Men during the day, women at night. With or without. Or always only-ladyboy. Many stories about the appearance of Thai transvestites, fatal judgments, still tickle the imagination. In this photo essay, first from a series of Summer in Siam, you can find a cabaret, a lot of makeup, a couple of bars, little bit of prostitution, sevral dawns, and a bit of sadness. On question why sowe got the timeless answer – how can you cherish  the Gods if you do not know how to cherish the Love? by Zoran Marinovic

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Secrets of Muay Thai 2

Secrets of Muay Thai

  What can possibly connect the street sluggers from Cyprus, a couple of young scientists from London, tourists from Croatia  and Asian toddlers? Otherwise nothing  of course, but in Thailand thanx to Muay Thai, the Thai boxing it is possible.  Take a look how this strange combination with martial art appear in its origin – in Bangkok. for Nova ...

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thailand blood 2

Summer in Siam / Blood

Bicycle, snakes, umbrella, drinks, shower, bamboo stick,sword, . annoying noise of firecrackers, horns and drums, mixed with blood and tears are part of the exotic procession which on a temperature above 35 celzius vigorously rolles over the southern part of Thai island – Phuket. Being part of the masses in procession one should be honored as the scene itself  ...

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